Coast Life Festival – Appreciating life near, on and in the water

Coast Life Festival

Appreciating life on, in and near the water.


Terilbah Reserve, The Entrance North, NSW
11am – 10pm
all ages event

Coast Life is a community cultural and education event held on the NSW Central Coast, celebrating coastal life and educating audiences on how we can better protect and preserve our waterways.

We’re here to drive a message of community, healthy environments and appreciation of the unique magic of living by the water – with the voices of artists to amplify the heart of our joy. Creating opportunities for creatives of all walks to showcase their work and re-connect with our community! 

Featuring live music, live art, workshops, keynote talks, panel discussions, poetry, comedy, food & beverages, market stalls, kids’ games, smoking ceremony, yarns around the campfire, cooking demonstrations, and more.